The Exploited Women’s Affection

 The Exploited Women’s Affection

I was utterly fooled.

This man cheated, harassed and traumatised me. The incident transpired in 2017-2018.

At first, we were dating. Suddenly he invited me to have an intercourse. I wanted to do it because he promised me a marriage in two years.

And I continued to “serve” him until then he blackmailed me by asking for money. He needed it for cigarettes, food, and other accommodation things.

I was so stupid.

As the time passed, I became pregnant. I urged him to marry me. But he refused.

I threatened to report this incident to his family. And suddenly, he began to show me his good attitude again.

But his kindness had a purpose. He asked me to abort the baby in my belly and then promised back to marry me in two years.

After I miscarried, he then left me without caring for a bit.

I was flurried where to report this incident? Because we were in a confidential relationship: only we both know.

But later on, he married me. I followed all his will. But our togetherness only lasted two months.

Today, he leaves me alone and until now I don’t know where else to look for.

I was so cheated. I want him to accept back all his bad treatment so far on me: resulting in the loss.

I want him to compensate me for what I spent while I was in contact with him.

I want him to be responsible for the health in my body which he has damaged.

I only want justice.

MI, Victim

* This story was shared by the sender with the hope that there would be no more victims like her for the manipulative behaviour done by men. “In order that no more victims,” ​​he said.

picture: LIT – CI

Stori Mini
Stori Mini is fact-based testimonies or stories, obtained by the editor, regarding one’s or group of persons’ experiences feeling, witnessing or knowing the problems surrounding the lives of women or children, both, in the form of violence and physical, psychological, economic and/or sexual crime.

The writing is disclosed with two purposes. First, the release of stresses and burdens accumulating in the victim’s heart and mind. Second, the dissemination of experiences as a mutually reinforcing effort among other victims with similar experiences.

As well as an educational effort for the public on how pain women and children are to be victims of violence and physical, psychological, economic and/or sexual crimes.

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